Ensuring proper care of your jewellery not only enhances its life and luster, but also enables you to enjoy it for years to come. Follow these simple guidelines for better jewellery experience.

Activities where jewellery should be avoided-

1.Manual activities –Remove jewellery during cooking, household cleaning, etc. to prevent it’s contact with sweat, perspiration & chemicals.

2.Bathing or applying makeupAlways remove all jewelry before showering or washing up, or cleaning, as any soap particles get lodged in stone settings and services. Soaps form a film on stone and metal making them appear dull. Colognes, Perfumes, Hairspray, Cosmetics, Soap and lotion can contain chemicals that can often react and damage jewellery, therefore wear them after your makeup to prevent exposure and damage.

3.Sporting activities – Chlorinated water , perspiration can damage the metal and the polish of the jewellery.


Jewellery Care Tips

Tips for cleaning Jewellery:

1.Jewellery polishing cloth - Silver should always be kept absolutely dry. Silver has property to tarnish/oxidise if exposed to air. If your silver is used often, keep it away from excessive exposure to air and store in tarnish proof cloth such as flannel pouch/cloth or storage boxes. Before storing them always rub a clean dry muslin cloth several times to always keep them clean and shining. If your climate is humid, place a packet of desiccant crystals inside the storage box or the pouch.(Oh and don't throw away those little bags of Silica you get in your lovely new handbag, they are great moisture zappers so pop a couple in your jewellery box.)Do not keep them in contact with rubber bands or rubber products. Use of tissue or paper towels can cause scratches on the jewellery, hence should be avoided.

2.Professional cleaning solution - Use only professional or branded cleaning solutions and tarnish removers. Never use detergent, soap, tooth powder/paste to clean jewelry.

3.Use warm water to clean jewellery - Warm water with alcohol-free mild soap can also be used to clean you jewellery. However we recommend this as a last resort.

4.Toothpaste - Being a mild abrasive it can help to eliminate minor scratches but if not used properly we have found it can damage and scratch your silver and leave a dull film. A safer option for removing scratches on your jewellery is to have it professionally polished.


Tips for storing your jewellery:

1.Storing jewellery in air tight containers prevents it from being damaged due to oxidation.

2.Reduce chance of tarnishing- Pure sterling silver jewellery has a tendency to tarnish especially when it's not worn. To maintain the luster of your jewellery, place it in resealable poly-bags before putting them into a container to prevent it from oxidation / tarnishing. Tarnishing does not mean that your sterling silver is not pure but it’s the opposite. If however, tarnishing does occur then you can always refer to our Jewellery cleaning tips and / or get it re-polished.

3.Gold plating-The gold plating jewelry will eventually wear down over a period of time. Get it re plated to restore its appearance.Try never to use perfumes when wearing kundan jewelry.

NOTES - Some products may appear slightly larger or smaller than actual size due to monitor settings and photography techniques. Other items may appear larger than actual to clearly show details, or smaller in order to show the entire product.

We recommend professional cleanings as often as once a year. We would have you bring your Jewellery Jewels back to us for professional servicing. Our knowledgeable staff and experienced hands would take care of cleaning, restringing, repairing clasps, earring backs and checking collets.

The above are basic guidelines for your information only